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How Does The Procedure Work?

The Vet

  1. Extract – Extract adipose tissue removed from animal
  2. Mince - Mince fat tissue sample into small pieces

StemZyme Mobile Lab

  1. Wash – Wash the tissue to remove RBC’s
  2. Digest - Enzymatic digestion of tissue using VetPase™ or EquiPase™ to separate stem cells from adipocytes
  3. Separation - Centrifugation to separate Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF)
  4. Wash & filter – Wash and filter the SVF to isolate regenerative stem cells

The Vet

  1. Inject – Cells are prepared in final suspension such as PRP & loaded into a syringe for injection into the patient.

StemZyme provides all the necessary training to get the process started. Your StemZyme Mobile Lab technician will help make the procedure easy for you and your patient.